Quill partners with Lionbridge to provide end-to-end multi-language content services

16 May 2017

Quill partners with Lionbridge to provide end-to-end multi-language content services

lionbridge-300x300We’re delighted to announce that Quill has recently sealed a partnership with Lionbridge Technologies, Inc, the world’s most trusted translation and digital communications company, to offer a fully integrated solution for multi-language content production.

The partnership between Quill and Lionbridge will bring together our pioneering content creation capability and Lionbridge’s leading technology-powered translation services, enabling marketers to reach their international audiences by producing original text, graphic and video content in over 40 languages, at unparalleled speed and scale.

By partnering with Quill, Lionbridge is further enhancing its offering – bolstering its 100,000-strong network of translators with our 2000+ network of experienced content creators, so that it can offer tailored content origination for local markets alongside world-class localisation.

Commenting on the partnership, Roberto Sastre, General Manager at Lionbridge, said: “This exciting partnership with Quill will provide our customers with an innovative end-to-end solution which isn’t on the market currently.”

“By diversifying our services and adding a first-class content creator like Quill into the mix, we can provide our customers with original content, which can be transcreated and localised for customers in any market. This partnership will further help the brands we work with engage customers all over the world at every stage of the customer lifecycle.”

ed-2Ed Bussey, Founder and CEO at Quill, added: “Lionbridge are world leaders for translation and localisation of content. This partnership further enhances their ability to offer global clients high quality, localised and original content. Partnering with a global leader such as Lionbridge further demonstrates our ability to generate high-performing, multi-language content at scale.”

“Global ecommerce is a high-growth area as consumers around the world flock to mobile and retailers and brands are still trying to get to grips with the implications of this for their content. Our partnership is designed to provide them with a one-stop shop for all their international content needs.”

Need to create content in multiple languages or expanding your brand into new markets? To find out more about our multi-language content creation services, please fill out the form below to request a call-back.

Lauren Johnson-Ginn @ Quill ContentHead of Marketing Communications at Quill, passionate about all things content and digital.

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