Efficient content production, enabled by technology

The Quill Cloud is our proprietary cloud technology platform: the innovative engine that enables us to produce quality digital content at unparalleled speed and scale, through smart automation.

A multi-faceted tool

Quill Cloud replaces a huge range of time-consuming manual processes.

Here’s a snapshot of the platform’s functions and capabilities.

Content creation

Deliver high volumes of error-free content, 75% faster and 40% cheaper than is possible in-house or with standard agencies.

  • User-friendly interface for efficient human editing
  • Automated quality control checks

Network management

  • Manage our global network of 2000+ screened, multi-language, freelance content creators.

Project management

Automate and simplify complex content production processes, eliminating inefficiencies.

  • Rapid, bulk auto-allocation and scheduling of 1000s of tasks via automated workflows
  • Efficient tracking of tasks and deadlines
  • Content performance reporting

The platform also allows our clients to quickly and easily review content, provide feedback, approve content and see the progress of their projects in real-time, via a user-friendly dashboard.

Content storage & delivery

  • APIs to deliver approved content directly to your CMS/ PIMS /ecommerce platform
  • In-built content storage

Client visibility

  • Dashboard to track overall project status
  • Efficient workflows and a user-friendly interface for content review, feedback & amends requests

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