UK Tech News: Ed Bussey reveals how AI and flexible working can boost business

With recent research predicting that half of the UK workforce will be freelance by 2020 and an increasing number of companies seeking to reduce fixed physical overheads, the business world is taking a turn for the flexible. Ed Bussey, founder and CEO of Quill, took to UK Tech News to offer advice on outsourcing, agile operational models  and plotting a new course across the digital-first landscape.

“Rather than constructing huge in-house teams across every business function – amassing fixed overheads along the way that can’t be flexed to fit seasonal demand – companies should leverage the on-demand workforce to engage specialist suppliers and save themselves time, resources and money.

“Being able to leverage the on-demand workforce to build agile online teams enables businesses to rapidly scale up and deliver the complex projects impossible to fulfil with in-house resources. This also means that companies can offer flexible, rewarding work to a skilled network of freelancers – whether they’re based in a WeWork space, a Bali beach resort or their own bedroom.”

Further discussion included the continued rise of AI in mitigating human error, safeguarding quality and optimising workflows. However, even while acknowledging automation as the future, Bussey offered caveats.

“We’re still some way off seeing artificial intelligence credibly replace human reasoning and creativity. I believe that AI is most effective when used to leverage the human skillset. We call this a ‘humans in the loop’ approach, whereby machines do the heavy lifting in terms of formulaic tasks, freeing up human talent to tackle creative tasks, nuanced decision-making and relationship management – in other words, the ‘human touch’.”

Read the full article here: ‘Flexible working and AI can boost your tech firm’s performance.

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