Quill Quality Score

We believe the quality of the Primary Content that consumers experience across their journey – from initial search results right through to the penultimate point of conversion – is critical when it comes to driving online sales.

That’s why we’ve developed the Quill Quality Score: an objective industry benchmark, based on our consumer and search engine research, evaluating the Primary Content experience across leading ecommerce sites.

The key types of content we currently assess include:

  • Category descriptions – how well-optimised are your category pages for search? What would the business impact be if your pages were aligned with SEO best practice?
  • Product descriptions – is your product content fully optimised for conversion? How could product descriptions be improved to boost online sales?
  • Buying, how-to & destination guides – does your website feature in-depth, search-optimised guides to answer common queries and nudge customers to purchase?
  • Localisation coverage – does your website feature accurate, relevant localised content for all of its target markets? Is this content optimised to drive sales internationally?

How does it work?

The Quill Quality Score allows us to benchmark ecommerce businesses’ Primary Content against the best-in-class standard – enabling our clients to better understand how their content performs against competitors’ and identify key areas for improvement.

  • We select a randomised sample of your website’s Primary Content, including product descriptions, category descriptions and guides.
  • We evaluate your content against a set of key criteria, based on factors that we know influence customer behaviour and search visibility.
  • We produce a bespoke Quill Quality Score report, benchmarking your content against best practice and selected competitors – and highlighting your strengths, weaknesses, and focus areas.

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