The Quill Quality Score

An industry-standard framework for measuring ecommerce content

The quality of the Primary Content that consumers experience across their purchase journey, from initial search results right through to the point of adding items to their basket, is critical when it comes to driving online sales.

That’s why we’ve developed the Quill Quality Score: an objective industry benchmarking system for evaluating the content experience across ecommerce sites.

Based on consumer research, industry expertise and aggregated performance data from thousands of pieces of Primary Content created by Quill, the Quality Score assesses these key content types – in any language or market – according to bespoke criteria:

Product descriptions
Is your product content fully optimised for conversions?

Category descriptions
How well-optimised are your category pages for search visibility?

How-to, buying and destination guides
Does your website feature in-depth, search-optimised guides to answer common queries and nudge customers to purchase?

Our audits of ecommerce sites to date have revealed some surprising industry trends.

  • Even though 98% of consumers consider it ‘very’ or ‘quite’ important to read about how a clothing item fits before buying, only 29% of online apparel retailers describe garment fit in product descriptions.
  • Over 85% of online retailers don’t have fully optimised category description content for SEO.
  • 55% of shoppers visit retailer sites for information before buying, but only 18% of online retailers currently offer a broad range of high-quality guides to their customers.

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How does your Primary Content measure up against best practice?

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Deeper insights with custom content audits

If you want to get a deeper, more tailored understanding of how your Primary Content is performing, we also offer custom content audits that can be adapted to focus on the most relevant factors for your brand, such as:

  • Competitors – select your top competitors for in-depth comparison.
  • Performance metrics – provide specific KPIs for an audit built around your definition of success.
  • Products & categories – share your priority product ranges or categories to narrow down the field of analysis.
  • Geographical markets – highlight your target markets for a multi-language review that assesses content and localisation quality.

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