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Ecommerce Content is the critical pre-purchase information that converts browsers into buyers, helping them make more informed decisions at the penultimate stage of their purchase journey.

Where does Ecommerce Content sit in the ecommerce content landscape?

Purchase funnel

Content landscape

Content purpose

Efficient, high performance content production

We're purpose-built to produce consistently high-quality, on-brand Ecommerce Content at high volume and velocity, in any language.

Product and hotel descriptions

  • Bespoke copy, with variants for your website and product data feeds
  • Formatted in line with web and mobile best practice
  • Reflecting your unique brand tone of voice
  • Presenting persuasive product features and benefits to boost conversion

Category descriptions

  • Search-optimised content adding authority to your key category pages
  • Enriched with relevant vocabulary for semantic search
  • Embedded with internal links for SEO and improved user journey

Shoppable guides

  • Buying, how-to and destination guides to aid customer research and decision-making
  • Featuring detailed, in-depth information with appropriate terminology, phraseology and keywords for SEO
  • Incorporating natural product recommendations and internal links to drive larger basket sizes

The 5 major benefits of unique Ecommerce Content

Increased conversion rates

Larger basket sizes

Improved search engine rankings and traffic

Reduced product return rates


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Engage your customers higher up the funnel

We can also support you with creative content production geared towards brand elevation and ongoing customer engagement.


  • Collection overviews

  • Trend highlights

  • Testimonials

  • Shoppable ads

Development & UX

  • Content page templates

  • Parallax experiences

  • Interactive tools

Design & imagery

  • Illustrations

  • Social cards

  • Infographics

  • Photography

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