MATCHESFASHION: Improving organic rankings and traffic


MATCHESFASHION is a modern luxury shopping destination for the confident global fashion customer.

Their goal

To improve organic rankings, generating increased organic traffic.

Our solution

After conducting a comprehensive audit of the MATCHESFASHION UK website, using our bespoke Quill Quality Score methodology, we identified that many of their category descriptions could be improved.

As part of a UK pilot project, we delivered 1,148 new category descriptions, crafted in line with MATCHESFASHION’s distinctive brand identity, in SEO-enhancing natural language, at the speed required for the fast-paced ecommerce market.

The project was so successful that we were subsequently commissioned by MATCHESFASHION to optimise their Korean site.

What we achieved

  • 67% increase in traffic
  • 3% conversion rate increase
  • 54% increase in search revenue

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