Content as a compass

The online travel purchase journey is famously convoluted: so how can travel businesses use digital content to cut through and steer customers toward conversion more quickly?

Are you using content effectively as a compass to guide customers toward conversion?

The online travel path to purchase is incredibly complex and fragmented, with UK travellers conducting an average of 121 visits to travel websites in the 45 days prior to actually booking, according to Expedia. But what information are consumers searching for, and why can’t they seem to find it? 

In this report, we put this question to a consumer panel, to understand:

  • Where do consumers start when researching and booking a holiday? (63% begin with destination-related research)
  • What is the most influential factor when choosing a travel brand to book with? (52% cite quality/trust, compared with 32% who cite price)
  • Which challenges do consumers encounter when researching holidays online? (29% cite ‘shallow or superficial information’, while 26% cite ‘inaccurate or out-of-date information’)

The report explores these key challenges; breaking down the online travel purchase journey into 3 fundamental stages and detailing the crucial content that travel businesses need to provide their customers at each stage to help them navigate to a booking decision faster.

Download the report to read the full analysis and find out how your online content experience measures up against best practice. 

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