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Looking for a company that will give you the opportunity to work on incredible projects, for the world’s best brands, at competitive rates, on a schedule that fits in with your lifestyle?

Whether you’re a copywriter, editor, translator, videographer, photographer, graphic designer, strategist or any other type of content specialist, we want to hear from you.

Joining the Quill Network enables you to:

  • Work flexibly from anywhere in the world
  • Be matched with projects that fit your experience, expertise and interests
  • Get detailed, constructive feedback on your work
  • Receive valuable ongoing training to develop your skills
  • Attend exclusive networking events and workshops
  • Stick to your specialism or work across multiple disciplines (for example, start as a writer; progress to an editor)
  • Enjoy fantastic progression opportunities and the option to take on lead project roles

"Quill briefs are always so beautiful and clear, they really give all the information we need and everyone's a pleasure to work with. Compared to other companies I work with, Quill is definitely the best!"

"I'd like to say that you are the most organised client I work for, and I find it so much easier to schedule your jobs as I know what I'm supposed to do, and by when."

“I want to sincerely thank you for the incredibly constructive critique and feedback - it’s hard to continue to grow as a writer without it. I am really excited about this project; this is the sort of writing I live for.”

Frequently asked questions

Is the Quill Network just for native English speakers?

No, we work with writers, translators and editors from around the world to create local language content for our clients. We welcome applications from all corners of the globe!

Do you have work available in all languages?

It might be that there are no current projects available in your language, but that could change very quickly. The moment it does, we’ll get in touch to see whether you’re available.

Can I write for you in a secondary language?

Unfortunately not, we only work with our content creators in their primary language, as we think this makes for the best results.

What are your rates?

Rates vary with each project, depending on the nature of the role, the level of complexity of the brief, whether the brief requires specific niche expertise, and the amount of research needed to produce the content. As such, we don’t have a standard per piece or per word rate, but provide tailored rates for each project.

When will you contact me to work on a project?

Should your application be successful, we’ll be in touch as soon as a suitable client project arises that matches your experience and expertise. As this is dependent on our current roster of projects, and we process a high volume of applications, waiting times may vary – please bear with us.

Do I have to complete a screening test?

Yes. If we think you might be a good fit for a particular project, we will ask you to complete a short test against the client’s brief. If you’re successful, we’ll invite you to join the project team and will train you up until you’re 100% proficient and confident on the brief.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to start working with us on written content projects unless you successfully pass our project-specific test.

Join our Network

Apply to join our Network on ContentPlace below! During the application process you will be asked to complete our application forms and take a proficiency test in the disciplines that you are applying for. Should your application to join be successful, we’ll contact you as soon as a project comes up in your language and specialism. We’ll send you a short test specific to each project that you apply for.

We hope to welcome you to the Network soon.

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