5 reasons why outsourcing your content creation makes sense

Josh was so much more relaxed after outsourcing his content creation.

“Can’t we just do this ourselves?”. This is one of the most common questions we hear when talking to clients about outsourcing their content creation.

Unlike other aspects of digital marketing, creating blogs, product descriptions and how-to guides is sometimes seen as a simple task for an intern, or just another job on the list of time-poor marketing / content managers.

And when it comes to creating one short blog a week, it might well be a task that an in-house team is more than capable of taking on. But the challenge of creating 500 product descriptions every week, ensuring that each one is as compelling, consistent, brand-compliant, and geared to conversion as the last, is a completely different challenge.

Throw in the need (for international brands, at least) to localise every piece for multiple markets, and outsourcing starts to become much more compelling.

Creating content at this volume is an operational challenge, and there are five clear reasons why outsourcing makes sense:

1. Scalability

Josh was so much more relaxed after outsourcing his content creation.
Josh was so much more relaxed after outsourcing his content creation.

Alongside their other responsibilities, there’s only so much content that an in-house team can produce.

Working with a supplier like Quill gives you access to a 24/7 content creation engine, with hundreds of writers able to produce 100, 1,000 or 5,000 pieces of content per week (we’re currently producing an average of 300 words per minute).

This frees up your internal team to focus on the broader marketing and content strategy.

2. Flexibility

Every ecommerce business goes through peaks and troughs in their need for content. By outsourcing content creation, you’re able to dial volumes up and down on a monthly, quarterly or seasonal basis, without incurring fixed staffing costs on your P&L.

3. Quality

With a few notable exceptions, ecommerce businesses aren’t primarily known for their editorial prowess. The majority of online businesses simply don’t have the processes, technology, or editorial rigour to maintain quality and consistency across thousands of pieces of content in dozens of languages.

At Quill, we have an error rate of less than 0.3%. Outsourcing allows you take advantage of tried-and-tested processes, experienced creators, and dedicated editors, all of whom are solely focused on creating compelling content that hits your brief.

4. Global reach

It’s rare to find a writer who can communicate in more than a handful of languages. It’s even rarer to find one who has detailed knowledge of the culture, shopping habits and linguistic nuances of consumers in all of your markets.

At Quill, our clients have access to a network of native content creators across 27 markets and counting, trained specifically to adapt content for local audiences. Speaking in your customer’s language is critical to conversion, and not possible using in-house teams or machine translation.

5. Cost

Creating content in-house is expensive. We’ve already picked up on fixed costs on your P&L, but the true costs run deeper than salaries. Outsourcing avoids additional costs associated with recruitment, training, HR, desk space, and inefficient processes. It also allows you to make economies of scale as you dial production up or enter new markets, maximising your ROI in content.

Considering outsourcing your content creation? Get in touch to find out how Quill can help you scale up your content creation cost-effectively, without sacrificing quality. 

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