5 ways Primary Content can support the customer journey

Today’s consumers move through the customer journey – that is, the awareness, consideration and purchase stages of the buying process – in non-linear ways, accessing content through numerous devices and via various sites and channels. In many ways, the role of Primary Content – the critical pre-purchase information that turns browsers into buyers – is making sure they always find what they need to make an informed purchasing decision – and that they keep talking about it afterwards.


As brands hurried to respond to Google’s Phantom 2 update, the company’s Director of Performance Matt Bush reminded us that search audiences aren’t only looking for products, they’re asking “how, why, when and where instead of just what”.

For ecommerce sites, this means delivering engaging, useful content that marks your brand out as a trusted expert in your field. It also means targeting specific keywords related to the purpose of your product – rather than just the product itself – to attract search traffic at the awareness and consideration stages.

Shared content

Although your own website is where your SEO efforts should be focussed, producing content to place elsewhere on the internet can also play a big part in supporting customer purchase journeys.

News stories, opinion pieces and research based around your products and industry – and written in your unique voice – are an excellent way to ensure your brand is discovered in unexpected places.

Product FAQs

There are two levels to a good product FAQ. The first is to convince cautious buyers. This means including keywords that are relevant to the consideration stage of the purchase journey, and answering doubts about your product.

The second is to help customers solve problems. This should begin with customer data, whether from first-party surveys and UI data or second- and third-party data, to ensure you’re answering the questions that matter most.

In both cases, ensure that the language is clear and useful while retaining the style and tone of your brand. Doing so helps to create seamless user experience throughout the purchase journey. Get this right and customers will be talking about your product long after purchase.

Product descriptions

Product descriptions are your chance to snag customers at the consideration stage and move them on through the customer journey to purchase. Unique keywords will help draw search traffic and differentiate you from the crowd. Presenting descriptions in an easy-to-scan format ensures visitors can find key information easily, and don’t bounce in frustration.

Once users are engaged, you can encourage a purchase with pricing strategies, discounts and bonuses. However, this will only get you so far. Mini-stories, sensory words and imaginative presentation can all create an emotional connection that cuts through rational assessments. In contrast, unjustified superlatives and ‘filler’ words are an absolute turn-off.

A note on social

Social media is a powerful force for ecommerce and a key partner to content marketing, with the ability to drive purchases and engage audiences. But it’s not just about the content you produce: it’s about creating a clear strategy and a unique voice.

Whether you use social media as a customer service platform, as a way to deliver engaging content or to gather social proof, a clear strategy will ensure that you stay focused. Whatever content you produce, implementing tone, voice and style guidelines is vital in order to keep your brand identity consistent and maintain a connection with your customers.

To find out more about driving the customer journey with Primary Content, get in touch with Quill below.

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