Blog of the Week #5: HonestMums

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After a regrettable absence, we’re finally back with the Quill “Blog of the Week” feature. We’ve been reading dozens of blogs over the past few months, and we’ve got some exciting posts lined up for the future.

To start us off, we’ve been speaking to Vicki Psarias, the award-winning filmmaker and owner of HonestMum – home to the honest and funny musings of a filmmaker and mum of two. Here’s what she had to say about her site and the world of blogging:
What made you start HonestMum?
I started HonestMum when my first son Oliver was 10 months old and I felt I needed to find my voice and identity again. As a screenwriter and director, that first year off on maternity leave was a time of real change for me. I went from leading crews of up to 100 or more on set to just my baby, with no other creative outlet or stimulation. It was a wonderful yet surreal and sometimes lonely time, and starting my blog was a way to get me writing again while connecting with other mothers online. 
After just 4 weeks I was nominated for a BritMums in Brilliance Blogging Award in the Fresh Voice Category, and I got the confidence to get back to screenwriting and directing again when Oliver turned 1.
What do you enjoy most about blogging?
I love the immediacy and freedom blogging brings. I am my own editor (my job as a former magazine editor comes in handy here, although I’m not sure how objective you can be with your own work) and not only is it my (now) third baby, but also my business. 
What has been your biggest blogging highlight so far?

My biggest blogging highlight is hard to pin down as there are so many. I suppose it must be the renewed confidence it gave me when I first started in November 2010, the small space it gives me to share my life and views with others, and the friends, contacts and colleagues I have created since starting it. Award nominations are always nice too!

Aside from your own site, what’s your favourite blog?

Oh I don’t have one favourite blog as I follow too many, but if you really bribed me (smarties anyone) the one I go back to time and time again is the The Mama Bird Diaries written by American blogger Kelcey Kintner . It was the first blog I came across when I Googled the words ‘Mummy blog’ when researching blogs before starting my own and the author is candid, hysterically funny and super smart – a bit of a blogging hero of mine.

If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring blogger, what would it be?

Hone your voice. Keep writing (exercise that creative muscle) and write what you yourself would want to read. I am part of a boutique social media collective – Mothers and Shakers – that provides services to bloggers and small businesses: from creative services and support, to blogger outreach and building your brand identity. Somewhere bloggers can go to if they want constructive advice for their blog.

For more information on Vicki and her blog, head to, or check out her brand-new site at If you’d like to feature as our Blog of the Week, get in touch at

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