Blog of the Week #8: Smokin’ Tofu

The next blog in our series comes from one of our very own writers. Alice Slater is the delightful brain behind Smokin’ Tofu, a unique veggie food blog providing readers with everything from vegetarian recipes to handy travel tips. We caught up with Alice to find out more…

What made you start Smokin’ Tofu?

I started Smokin’ Tofu because when I tell people I’m a freelance writer, they often make (accurate) assumptions that I spend most of my day sitting around in coffee-stained pyjamas staring at photos of cats on the internet. As a blogger, I can now truthfully add that I spend a lot of time “working on my blog” (which is shorthand for “thinking about avocados whilst staring at pictures of cats on the internet”).

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

I love to travel, eat and write, so Smokin’ Tofu allows me to do those things and pretend I’m achieving something at the same time. I also love forming bonds and swapping ideas with fellow veggie bloggers around the world. I’m particularly fond of the ones that send me cake in the post. 

What has been your biggest blogging highlight so far?

Less than a year following its conception, Smokin’ Tofu was nominated for Vegfest UK’s Blogger of the Year award. That was pretty rad. 

Aside from your own site, what’s your favourite blog?

Cooking StonedMy Boyfriend’s Kitchen and In Vegetables We Trust are my top three veggie food blogs. Jerry James Stone of Cooking Stoned is an absolute culinary hero, whilst Brett and Alex of My Boyfriend’s Kitchen and In Vegetables We Trust respectively are baking whizzes that make my attempts at vegan baking seem feeble. Oh, and I also love Appetite Affliction for Natalie’s detailed reviews of veggie eateries. 

If you could give one piece of advice to an aspiring blogger, what would it be?

Blogging without networking is like spitting into the wind. Leave comments on great blog posts, reply to comments on your own blog, tweet other bloggers, swap guest posts and get to know the writers behind your favourite blogs. 
You can find out more by visiting, and keep up to date with Alice and her food & travel adventures! If you’d like to feature as the Quill Blog of the Week, get in touch at


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