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Missing how-to & buying guides? Missing out. [Infographic]

With featured snippets now appearing in over 24% of ALL searches, and stealing clicks from #1 ranking results, brands need to build Performance Content strategies that help them seize this coveted slot, and occupy more SERP real estate.

The obvious response to this so called ‘featured-snippet-geddon’ is to produce relevant educational content that answers consumers’ questions, optimised with search-related keywords. Such guides tend to fall into two basic categories:

How-to guides: answering a common product-related question from consumers, or illustrating how to use the product effectively. E.g. “How to apply eye shadow for a natural look”.

Buying guides: providing useful information on product characteristics, functions and benefits, to help pre-purchase consumers narrow down their choices from a range of similar items. E.g. “Best sofa for a small room”.

But what tangible impact does educational content, like how-to and buying guides, have on consumer actions? And do online retailers and ecommerce businesses really need to invest in it?

We surveyed 100 consumers to find out – take a look at the key insights in our infographic below.

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