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Content as a compass: streamlining the online travel purchase journey

The online travel purchase journey is famously fragmented. From Expedia to Google, studies have proven time and again the complexity of the holiday research process: thousands of touchpoints and hundreds of Google searches, conducted over multiple digital devices.

So what information are prospective travellers looking for, and why can’t they seem to find it? Furthermore, in this hyper-competitive marketplace, how can brands engage and maintain customer attention throughout the research and booking process?

One answer is content.

In this all-new report, we explore how travel businesses can use content as a digital compass, guiding the customer through critical three stages of the purchase journey: dreaming, discovering and settling down. We also unveil findings from our latest consumer panel on the role content plays in the travel booking process. Highlights include:

  • 63% of travel consumers begin the holiday booking process with destination research
  • 96% of consumers would be more likely to buy from a website that provided them with all the information they needed
  • 3 in 4 people (73%) feel the need to research things to see and do in a destination before booking a holiday, while half (55%) want to know what it looks like

To learn more, read and download the full report here.

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