How to create product descriptions that convert

Product descriptions are an example of Performance Content – that is, the critical pre-purchase content that converts browsers into buyers. As a result, these innocent snippets of text represent a huge opportunity for ecommerce retailers. However, surprisingly few brands know how to create product descriptions that convince consumers to click ‘add to basket’.

In an increasingly crowded fashion market, brands need to fight hard for every conversion. And having effective online product descriptions can make the difference between capitalising on all the effort (and money) spent bringing the customer to your site – whether through ATL advertising, display ads, paid search or email campaigns – and simply losing them at the all-important final stage of the shopping journey.

So, how can online fashion retailers create successful, conversion-optimised product descriptions? We surveyed 100 UK-based shoppers, aged 18-30, to identify:

  • What does a persuasive product description look like for high street fashion brands
  • What information do consumers really want to know when browsing products online?
  • What information makes shoppers more likely to buy?

The answers to these questions are explored in our research report, Basket or Bounce: how to create fashion product descriptions that convert

Headline findings include:

  • 63% of consumers are more likely to buy a garment if the product description describes the cut and fit
  • 90% of shoppers are more likely to buy an item if the product description includes specific dimensions or measurements
  • 71% of consumers prefer descriptions that explain the benefits of the product.

Product descriptions are the last thing your consumer reads before possible conversion. Done correctly, they have the ability to powerfully boost both conversion and brand engagement. To discover how to create product descriptions that convert, download the full report below.

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