Ed Bussey shortlisted for ‘Disruptor of the Year’ at UK Tech Founder Awards

UK Tech Founder Awards finalist banner for Ed Bussey, shortlisted for 'Disruptor of the Year'We’re extremely pleased to announce that Ed Bussey, Founder and CEO of Quill, has been shortlisted for ‘Disruptor of the Year’ at the inaugural BMW i UK Tech Founder Awards. The contest celebrates and champions the entrepreneurial journeys of those who create, disrupt and innovate within the UK’s rapidly changing tech landscape, across a broad range of sectors from education to fintech.

For the ‘Disruptor’ category, finalists were selected according to how successfully and dramatically they have challenged the status quo in their relevant industries:

We think all tech founders are disruptors. And disruptors are innovators. They possess a unique drive, determination and creativity that allows them to completely change the way we think about how things should be done, often creating entirely new industries in the process.”

An entrepreneur since his time at Cambridge University, Ed began his career in the Royal Navy before taking a number of security and counter-terrorism roles with the UK diplomatic service. He went on to become part of the founding team and Global Marketing Director of early fashion etailer figleaves.com.

Ed Bussey, Quill founder, recently shortlisted for 'Disruptor of the Year'It was during his time at figleaves.com that Ed experienced first-hand an emerging ecommerce challenge: as product ranges grew exponentially, consumers began to feel overwhelmed by choice, leading to falling conversion rates in some categories.

What was missing was the online equivalent of the sales assistant: quality, informative pre-purchase Performance Content, such as product descriptions and buying guides, that could provide shoppers with the facts needed to make informed purchase decisions. Unfortunately, it was near-impossible for either in-house teams or traditional agencies to produce the volumes of content required at speed and scale, in multiple languages, while guaranteeing consistent quality.

Here, Ed spotted a clear gap (or rather, a chasm) in the market for a completely new, scalable approach to content production. From conversations with media leaders, he knew that this was widely considered impossible. Still, in 2010, Ed sat down at the Starbucks in Conduit Street with a blank sheet of paper and began to draft his solution. A year later, he founded Quill.

The business has come a long way in the eight years since that moment on Conduit Street. Employing a revolutionary ‘tech + talent’ model, Quill combines a pioneering proprietary technology platform (the Quill Cloud) with a global pool of 3,000+ screened, globally dispersed content creators (the Quill Network). The result is the ability  to produce quality content in any format, on any topic and in any language, at a level of efficiency, speed and scale impossible to attain in-house or via traditional agencies.

The UK Tech Founder Awards 2018 will be announced on November 27th at the Bloomsburg Big Top in Bloomsbury. View the full shortlist here.

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