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How Google FAQs can boost ecommerce visibility

A few months ago, Google rolled out a new update. Brands that have implemented FAQ, HowTo, and Q&A Schema on their pages would be eligible to have that content displayed on the search results page. The update isn’t restricted to FAQ pages but to any page containing questions and answers on any topic.

While that may not sound particularly ground-breaking, in practice it gives ecommerce companies the opportunity to grab a much larger proportion of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) real-estate, lowering the visibility of their competitors and massively increasing Click-Through Rates. 

Under this new approach, having an FAQ like ‘Is cashmere warmer than wool?’ on the category page for your cashmere collection has the potential to drive significant search volume. Better still, as FAQs are still not widely used, competition is weak; offering the opportunity to rank well above the fold. Plus, it’s easy to see how FAQs are ideally formatted for the ever-growing voice search market.

But, of course there’s a snag. FAQs only offer these opportunities when implemented correctly. Search Engine Land explains there are 2 types of search approaches on Google:  non-question-based searches, ‘Origami flowers’ and question-based informational searches, ‘what is origami?’. Google FAQs have very different implications for each of these search approaches. 

With non-question-based searches, the benefits of FAQs are unequivocal. However, with question-based informational searches, there is a risk that incorrectly crafted FAQs may reduce click-through rates, as users get the answers they need directly from the search results without having to click through to a website to find out more. 

To mitigate these risks, it’s important to ensure your FAQs link to deep pages of your site and are crafted in a way that establishes your authority on the search page, without giving all the answers away. The good news is that, from our work with clients on Google FAQs over the last few months, we have seen that not only is the risk manageable, but there’s also an enormous opportunity to increase your share of clicks.

If you’d like to discuss how FAQs could be used on your website to enhance your visibility and drive traffic, please get in touch.

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