Infographic: 74% of retailers are missing out on ecommerce sales

PwC is declaring a “historic and dramatic” consumer shift online, with the dominance of ecommerce predicted to remain in place post-pandemic. With this in mind, we’ve analysed the pre-purchase content of 100 of the US’s leading ecommerce retailers – assessing whether their content is optimised to attract large volumes of search traffic with high buying intent and to convert ambivalent browsers into buyers.

The results, summarised in our infographic below, highlight that while some retailers are successfully rising to the ecommerce challenge, with persuasive content that answers pre-purchase questions and nudges users to buy, the industry as a whole is struggling. In fact, as many as 74% of retailers are losing sales due to sub-par ecommerce content. 

PwC’s research also reveals that consumer loyalty has plummeted, with buyers switching brands at unprecedented rates, so even the strongest brands can no longer rest on their laurels. By neglecting the online experiences they offer at the final stages of the purchase journey, these retailers are risking their revenues, reputation, and ROI on all the marketing activities that drive traffic to their websites. 

For highlights of our findings, see the infographic below, or download the full report here.

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