Introducing the Quill Quality Score 100: top ecommerce brands ranked by content quality

Which of the UK’s top online retailers are leading and which are lagging when it comes to ecommerce content? In our groundbreaking new whitepaper, the Quill Quality Score 100, we launch the first independent investigation into the quality of website content in UK ecommerce.

In this definitive report, we analyse 100 retailers across a range of product categories to reveal the key content issues that are impacting online performance and customer experience.

Retailers within the report are assessed using the Quill Quality Score: the first objective industry benchmarking system that analyses the quality and performance potential of pre-purchase website content, helping online retailers to understand where their content is compromising revenues and reputation.

Major findings include:

  • A quarter of brands (24%) are losing organic traffic thanks to unhelpful or non-existent category descriptions.
  • 3 in 5 etailers (58%) are failing to maximise conversion rates because of cursory, information-poor product descriptions.
  • A third (34%) of etailers are failing to provide helpful, conversion-assisting advice to customers due to subpar guide content.

Download the report here to read the full analysis and find out how your online store measures up against best practice. 

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