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Multi-language content production and transcreation in eCommerce

Our Founder and CEO, Ed Bussey, was among the keynote speakers at the July 2020 SlatorCon Remote event, convened by language industry intelligence specialists Slator. Targeted at Language Service Providers, language technology companies and language specialists in the retail and travel sectors, the event highlighted topics including media and game localisation, transcreation and multilingual content production for eCommerce, as well as SaaS and website localisation.

In his talk, Ed explored some of the challenges that ecommerce brands encounter when translating, localising, transcreating and originating copy for international markets. He touched upon the importance of engaging local knowledge in the multi-language content production process, to accurately reflect linguistic nuances and respect cultural sensitivities.

“Not only do we need the right linguists on a project, we also need to use subject matter experts. For instance, in Arabic there are just not the same nuanced words for fashion terms as there are in English. To translate a term like ‘pencil skirt,’ you really need somebody that understands fashion as well as being a native Arabic speaker.”

Outlining the respective benefits of four main approaches to multi-language content production, Ed highlighted the value of creating original content for many markets, in order to achieve critical ecommerce objectives.

“That is because, when we talk to our clients, increasingly the objective is not to write the content in Chinese, but to achieve e-commerce objectives, such as getting content indexed in local Chinese search engines; or optimising conversion rates for the Chinese market.”

A full round-up of Ed’s SlatorCon Remote talk can be found here. 

Does your multi-language content measure up?

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