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New report: Bringing the beauty counter online

How can skincare and cosmetics brands effectively replace the experience and service of the beauty counter, skincare outlet, lifestyle shop or spa, online? We evaluated 50 beauty websites to assess how well they are meeting this content challenge.

The beauty industry’s retail model has long been associated with enticing displays – and the rows of elegant bottles and scents that have become pivotal to its image and success over several decades. But an accelerating transition to the digital-first economy has hastened a market-wide migration online. The beauty industry is now projected to exceed $800 billion by 2025, largely thanks to a rising e-commerce boom.

In this climate, how are well are leading brands adapting to meet a growing consumer appetite for aspirational and attentive online shopping experiences? And crucially, are they providing the high-quality website content required to drive conversion rates and search engine visibility?

In this report, we evaluate the pre-purchase website content of 50 beauty brands to reveal the winners and losers across a range of content categories – from product descriptions and category descriptions to editorial guides. Our winners included Avon, with its impressive best-in-field guides. But disappointing results abounded, with no fewer than 16 top brands providing no guide content at all.

Download the full report below to find out which brands are delivering stellar performances, and which are consistently neglecting their online potential…

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