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Optimised content and beyond: How to achieve success in Amazon’s online jungle

As recently as 2016, many brands were still airily indifferent to Amazon, regarding the fast-growing marketplace as a strategic irrelevancy or a cursory sidekick to their online businesses. How things have changed.

By 2020, mastering Amazon’s platform is becoming a fundamental requirement for future success. Yet for the uninitiated, achieving this mastery is no mean feat.

At Quill, we have been offering bespoke product content for our clients’ Amazon stores for years, enabling them to limit SEO-damaging content duplication (both on their sites and other marketplaces), while boosting Amazon search results and conversion rates. Since becoming part of the Webedia Brand Services group, Quill has been able to tap into the capabilities of other world-leading, specialist agencies within the group, to enrich our solutions with their capabilities.  One of these partner agencies is Seelk – ex-Amazon specialists who combine unparalleled Amazon experience with innovative technology to help brands succeed on Amazon.

Given the power of combining Seelk’s offering with our unparalleled Performance Content expertise, we’ve spoken to Raphael Guedj Pignol, Co-founder and CEO of Seelk, to find out exactly how Seelk can compliment our Amazon content solution and help our clients optimise their Amazon revenues and ROI, in every Amazon market globally.

“Amazon is becoming strategic for brands. It’s a live or die situation. And if you are not there, you will be losing sales and opportunities to connect with your customers, to advertise your products and create a bond with your clients.”   

Raphael Guedj Pignol, Co-founder and CEO of Seelk

Question:  What is your offering for ecommerce companies on Amazon?

Raphael: “Our overarching mission is to be at the forefront of their Amazon expansion. We craft unique solutions that help brands increase their revenue and presence on Amazon, employing both our expertise and a proprietary SAS platform that we’ve developed. The platform enables us to understand and analyse all of the brand’s KPIs, business drivers and activity on Amazon. We can monitor developments, swiftly identify opportunities to improve, and respond to problems as they arise, with insights that help us to build coherent and effective strategies for our clients.”

Question: How does Amazon search differ from Google search?

Raphael: “Amazon is even more complex than Google. The challenge and the beauty of Amazon search is that it draws upon a host of separate and interwoven parameters, each of which must be mastered to achieve success. Optimised content is obviously critical to raking highly in search results, and communicating your offering, but it is only one factor. Other factors such as pricing, product availability, fulfilment, Amazon marketing, conversion rates and the competitor landscape also matter. All these factors play a role in Amazon search; even the commercial terms you have with Amazon. Fortunately, our technology enables brands to identify how well they are doing on each of these parameters, using data-based insights to form their Amazon strategy.”

Question: Where does content fit into your offering?

Raphael: “Amazon has evolved into an intensively crowded space, with more than 300 million product pages across its platform. When you conduct a search query on Amazon, you can potentially receive tens of thousands, even millions of results. Brands can suddenly find themselves up against tens of thousands of competing offers. So, differentiating yourself from the competition is critical. This is where content reigns supreme – above all the other parameters mentioned. Strong content is a fundamental requirement for long-term success on Amazon – both on the product pages, because Amazon is ultimately a product page-based platform, and on the brand store pages.”

Question: How are you differentiated from other suppliers in this space?

Raphael: “Ultimately, we are Amazon specialists, and have an adept understanding of the best practices as well as a keen grasp of what works and what doesn’t on Amazon.  We’ve been doing this since the very beginning, for thousands of brands.  Our proprietary software is also connected to our clients’ Amazon accounts, providing an overview of their performance against all KPIs and the metrics needed to achieve those KPIs.

Question: Can you give an example of how you’ve helped a retailer improve their Amazon performance?

Raphael: “One of our clients is Playmobil, the toy manufacturer. They achieved impressive sales on Amazon for four years, but then their growth appeared to plateau. They came to us for help when they realised that some of their competitors were investing a lot in Playmobil search terms and identified this as a major threat to their business.

After analysing their performance, and that of their competitors, we totally revamped their Amazon catalogue and inventory. We created an outstanding brand storefront, enriched their inventory with A+ product pages, optimised for Amazon and Google search, and created targeted Amazon campaigns. Our focus was on protection strategies, to prevent competitors acquiring new Playmobil customers.  In the process, we reduced their marketing costs and managed to regain market share from rival sellers, with 80% of their inventory performing best in the search results. It was an incredibly successful campaign, which has led to an ongoing working relationship.”

Please get in touch if you would like a Quill Quality Score audit of your Amazon presence, reviewing both your Amazon content and the Seelk factors mentioned above.

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