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Quill’s Partner Program: welcoming Monotype, Olapic, Similar A.I and Wooshii

We’re thrilled to announce that we have recently welcomed several exciting new companies to the Quill Partner Program: scalable video production network Wooshii, branding and typeface experts Monotype, visual UGC platform Olapic, and semantic search intent innovators Similar.AI.

The Quill Partner Program, established in 2018, aims to strengthen our relationships with similarly innovative agencies within the digital space – while also giving our clients access to market-leading expertise across a range of digital and ecommerce disciplines, enhancing Quill’s core content strategy and production offering.

Below is a brief introduction to these exciting new entrants to the Program:

Empowering brand expression
Monotype provides the design assets, technology and expertise that help you create beautiful, authentic and impactful fonts that your customers will engage with, wherever they experience your brand.


Visual content that drives brand engagement
Olapic is the market leader in user-generated, influencer-generated, and short-form visual content. Olapic enables brands to generate, curate, enhance and distribute authentic, brand-relevant visual content across the entire customer journey. The company drives visual engagement and performance, at scale, for hundreds of the world’s top brands.


Similar A.I
Product marketing for product discovery
We’re partnering with Similar.ai so that, together, we can create category pages that rank, engage and convert. The company’s AI technology interprets vast amounts of consumer search data to pinpoint the queries that demonstrate strong purchase intent – using this insight to then make category page and content recommendations; with functionality to publish directly to your CMS or ecommerce platform.


Scalable video production for the world’s largest brands and agencies
Wooshii creates best-in-class video content, sourcing talent from a large network of video production teams and producing award-winning visuals. With over 14,000 video production teams sitting in their platform, Wooshii is able to capture and deliver video content across the world and offer a vast range of video styles and formats. Whether you are producing daily news editorial, an explainer animation or your next YouTube ad campaign, Wooshii has you covered.


If you’re interested in learning more about any of our partners, or in joining our Partner Program, please email info@quillcontent.com (or give us a call at +44 (0) 203 582 5638).

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