Retail in a socially distanced era? Insights from our webinar of experts

Earlier this month, Quill co-hosted a webinar with our digital partner, Jellyfish, in which we explored the key challenges for retail in a socially distanced era.

“The digital economy is here. The way we all shop has fundamentally changed. Forever.” – Steve Warrington, VP Retail & Ecommerce for Jellyfish.

As Steve Warrington explained, the global pandemic has effectively crammed more than three years of consumer behavioural change into the space of just seven months, ushering in unprecedented changes across all industries. In the UK alone, ecommerce has suddenly colonised a huge proportion of retail sales, accelerating to a 30% overall share. Critically, much of this change is set to become permanent, leaving bricks and mortar retailers facing make-or-break challenges in the digital-first economy.

In this webinar, we took a closer look at ecommerce acquisition and conversion strategies for success, with advice on how to deliver effective and efficient growth, even in economically uncertain times. We explored strategies for overcoming the main obstacles inherent in the current market and suggested ways of making retail offerings more resilient – both now and for the future.

The discussion emphasised some implications of Google’s so-called ‘messy middle’. Once-linear purchase journeys have evolved into far more complex affairs – thanks to the digital economy. As a result, consumers can easily become ensnared in seemingly endless exploration and evaluation loops, which delay purchase journeys and raise the possibility of losing business to online competitors.

Our webinar outlined the effective solutions adopted by retailers who are pivoting quickly and successfully to a digital-first model and delved into the vital role played by pre-purchase Performance Content.

As Ed Bussey, Founder & CEO of Quill, put it: “Optimised Performance Content drives action, propelling users to make a purchase. It’s critical in the digital-first economy, playing a central role in attracting digital ‘footfall’, emulating the ‘sales assistant’ and replacing the offline ‘fitting room’. OK is no longer enough, yet 79% of UK retail sites are missing out on revenue due to having poor Performance Content.”

We also looked at ways that retailers can differentiate their tactical approach in digital media, measurement, and technology. “Online advertising is your new shop window,” Josh White, Senior Director of Paid Media, explained. He added that, “retailers are now looking at bringing the in-store experiences to the comfort of people’s homes with VR and AR”.

A full recording on the webinar can be found here. Alternatively, please get in touch for more information on how Quill is helping retailers pivot quickly to a digital-first strategy.

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