Revealing ecommerce trends and our research findings at IRX Engage

Delving into the fast-paced ecommerce landscape, Ed Bussey, Chief Solutions Officer at Jellyfish and Founder of Quill, joined a line-up of big-name speakers at the recent IRX Engage summit to explore some significant trends currently playing out in the ecommerce sector. In his presentation, Ed also outlined our latest research findings, which reveal the extent to which retailers are successfully optimising their ecommerce content to attract inbound search traffic – and convert ambivalent browsers into buyers.

As many countries begin to lift social distancing restrictions, Ed’s talk focused on the lasting impact of the pandemic and how it has heightened consumer expectations of ecommerce. One notable shift has been the rising influence of the baby boomer. Discriminating and deep-pocketed, this coveted demographic of consumers has migrated online, en masse, over the past 18 months. Having overcome their hesitations about ecommerce, they are spending much more online than ever before, including on the sort of high-ticket items traditionally purchased in-store.

Baby Boomers have famously high expectations of service and the overall shopping experience. As a generation of newspaper readers, they value the written word and consequently take their time to read product descriptions and online guides carefully. If they don’t find the level of information they need, they will happily go elsewhere, especially as their digital confidence grows. But baby boomers aren’t alone – consumer expectations are rising across the board. Even the most loyal shoppers are likely to ghost a brand after just two or three poor experiences, and 44% will do so if they can’t find the information they’re looking for.

As consumer expectations and online competition grow, providing a high-quality online experience has become non-negotiable. This includes offering the sort of clear and detailed product descriptions that convert browsers into buyers, standing out from the crowd with category descriptions that generate purchase-ready traffic and producing high-quality guides that achieve both ends. And yet, as Ed revealed, our latest research has demonstrated that many retailers are failing to rise to this challenge – allowing sub-standard content to cost them both customers – and revenue.

In many cases, this misalignment of priorities reflects the fact that producing high performing ecommerce content, at scale, is a huge operational challenge that can only be overcome by combining enabling technology with a global network of specialist content creators. Ed’s talk highlighted that these demands will continue to grow exponentially, as marketplaces, social media platforms and even search engines increasingly offer shopping alternatives to ecommerce websites, requiring retailers to optimise their content across these platforms as well.

Ultimately, content is often the only real link a retailer has to its customers and needs to be a key priority in any effective ecommerce strategy. To learn more, watch Ed’s IRX presentation or get in touch to request a free audit of your own ecommerce content to find out how well it is performing.

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