Webinar roundup: How L’Oreal is bringing the beauty counter online

The recent seismic shift in consumer spending to online presents a great opportunity for beauty brands and retailers to fast-track inventive new ways to connect with their customers.  Some in the industry have responded with speed and finesse to the upswing in online shopping, adopting a raft of imaginative digital services and virtual experiences to replicate the pleasure and interaction of the real-life beauty counter.

Our recent webinar,Bringing the beauty counter online’, chaired by the accomplished Olaplex CEO JuE Wong, and featuring an insightful keynote contribution from L’Oreal’s Luca Rovere, highlighted some of the most effective ways that brands and retailers can not only re-create the beauty counter experience in the digital space, but also encourage customers to try and buy online with confidence.

Our Founder & CEO, Ed Bussey, warned that while some brands are successfully adapting to digital commerce, many others are falling behind, providing would-be online shoppers with a sub-par experience. He went on to explain that more than half of the brands we audited for our beauty top 50 report, achieved ‘poor’ overall ratings for the quality of their ecommerce content. Product descriptions and guides alike often fail to answer a customer’s most basic questions, proving unfit for purpose. In fact, some product content is so sub-optimal that retailers “might as well be burning money in the street.” He further explained that this is an area where investment is unavoidable: “after all, your competition is no longer a drive away, but a click away”.

In his role as Global Advocacy Marketing & Insights Director at L’Oréal, Luca Rovere has overseen the implementation of a string of innovative digital technologies across the French beauty giant’s stable of brands. Rovere revealed that at L’Oreal “engagement is boosted two or threefold by VTO (Virtual Try On)”, adding that, “It’s no secret AR & VR are the next big thing, not only in beauty.” This was echoed by Semantiweb’s Laura Levy, who described Virtual try on technology, along with at-home skin care sampling and diagnostics from beauty experts as the top three major trends for beauty retail.

The key to recreating the beauty counter online is high-quality content and effective engagement. As Taggstar’s Vjosana Gashi put it: “Shopping online can be really lonely. It can feel like an empty store with 145 products just staring back at you.” Little wonder then, that cosmetics industry basket abandonment rates are as high as 86%. Customers are unsure. But retailers and brands have access to the tools to provide their customers with all the help they need – they just need to grasp them.

To find out more, you can watch a full recording of the webinar. And please get in touch if you’d like a complimentary Quill Quality Score audit, to identify strengths and weaknesses in your ecommerce content and see if you are ready for the digital future that is here, now.

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